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Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold Launches Initiative Supporting Farmers’ Transition to Organic Production

Today, Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold, the first national beer brand to be USDA-certified organic, launched a new initiative called 'Contract for Change' that supports American barley farmers who want to transition conventional fields to try organic production for the first time. 

The brand, alongside expert agronomists, will provide assistance to farmers as they navigate the costly and time consuming steps required to grow certified organic crops. As the demand for organic barley increases, the 'Contract for Change' program aims to enable the entire organic industry.

To make the switch to organic, farms must undergo a three-year transition period with uncertain future markets, which can be expensive and therefore prohibits many farmers from making the switch.

Michelob ULTRA will sign long-term, full-rotation contracts to purchase the barley grown from the beginning of the transition period through the first year of organic production. Pure Gold will purchase transitional barley at a premium price, supporting farmers during the transition window. In addition, farmers participating in 'Contract for Change' will benefit from the ability to sell organic crops other than barley that are grown in the rotation.

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