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MICHIGAN: Urgent! Tell Sen. Stabenow, No DARK Act! No Compromise!

Michigan-based GMO giants, including Dow Chemical and Kellogg’s, are counting on their campaign donations to Sen. Debbie Stabenow to help them mount a last ditch effort, at the federal level, to block state GMO labeling laws.

If we don’t stop Stabenow and her corporate friends, they will block Vermont’s GMO labeling law from taking effect on July 1.

CALL TODAY! Please call Sen. Stabenow at (202) 224-4822 and ask her not to block or delay Vermont’s GMO labeling law.

On March 1, the Senate Agriculture Committee, voted on the DARK Act, Chairman Pat Roberts (R-KS)’s bill to Deny Americans the Right to Know about GMOs. Roberts’ bill passed the agriculture committee, but it doesn’t have the 60 votes it would need to block a filibuster, pass the full Senate and get President Obama’s signature.

This is why your voice in Michigan is so important: Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow, Ranking Member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, says she is going to help Roberts get the votes he needs to stop Vermont by supporting a “compromise” (capitulation). The compromise would delay Vermont’s law from taking effect while the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) rolls out its so-called SmartLabel (QR barcode) technology.

SmartLabel: Monsanto’s “Absolute Favorite Idea”

Sec. Vilsack is pushing Congress to delay Vermont’s law from taking effect while the GMA rolls out its so-called SmartLabel system. SmartLabels can only be “read” with a smart-phone that scans a QR (Quick Response) code to access a website where answers to questions about GMOs would be buried.

The SmartLabel scam, a project of the GMA (which has, so far unsuccessfully, sued to the State of Vermont to block its labeling law), has wide support across the food industry, including from GMA member Monsanto.

Fox Business ran the headline, “Monsanto: We Support GMO Labeling,” on a story where Monsanto’s Chief Technology Officer Dr. Robert Fraley came out in favor of voluntary labeling saying, “We support these kind of choices. My absolute favorite idea on labeling is the SmartLabel, which the food industry is working on today. It uses a Quick Response Code so you can use your smart phone to find out every single thing you ever wanted to know about where that food came from.”

Stabenow Takes Monsanto’s Money, Dow Chemical’s and Kellogg’s, Too

It’s no surprise that Stabenow would try to block Vermont’s law, given the campaign cash she has raked in from the biotech industry.

One of Stabenow’s top funders is Dow Chemical. Dow makes the infamous Agent Orange GMOs, that are engineered to survive Dow’s Enlist Duo, a custom cocktail of two deadly herbicides: Monsanto’s Roundup, a probable carcinogen, and 2,4-d, which was half the formula of the Vietnam-War-era defoliant. The combination is so dangerous that the Environmental Protection Agency has been forced to reconsider its approval.

Kellogg’s is also a big Stabenow funder. A member of the GMA, and contributor of hundreds of thousands of dollars to anti-labeling campaigns, Kellogg’s is notorious for hiding GMOs in its so-called “natural” foods.

Stabenow also takes money from Monsanto.

Stabenow insists that we can’t allow Vermont’s law to take effect, because we can’t have a “patchwork” of state laws. If she is truly worried about minor differences in state labeling laws, but also is genuinely committed to representing Michigan consumers, she will support  mandatory GMO labels that are printed with words on the package--not a compromise that allows food companies to hide information about GMOs on their website.

Please remind Sen. Stabenow that she works for the people of Michigan, not these corporations.

CALL TODAY! Please call Sen. Stabenow at (202) 224-4822 to ask her to reject any "compromise" that would block or delay Vermont’s GMO labeling law.

Thanks for taking action!

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