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Microbiome Health for Kids: The Effects of Pesticides in the Diet

The microbiome is finally being recognized and valued for its crucial role in creating and maintaining a robust immune system. We’ve all been inundated with information on how to best boost our immunity, so that if/when we become part of the population that contracts COVID-19 (30-70%), we are empowered to also be part of the population (80%) that sails through the infection unscathed. A strong and balanced immune system is vital, not only for protection from COVID-19, but also against assaults from a variety of other bad actors, like autoimmune disorders and cancer. With Covid-19, kids (94% of those infected) seem to be managing well, and their microbiota plays a big part in keeping their immune systems strong. So how can parents best support their kids’ microbiomes to ensure they have the strong immune systems needed to fight infections? 

FOOD is the best medicine! Our diets should nourish our bodies and the microbes that work so diligently on our behalf. Our microbes enjoy organic, whole foods free of chemicals, rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, and filled with fiber (their favorite food)! 

Food should be free of chemical additives. Our food supply (unless organic) is doused with pesticides and glyphosate-based herbicides (such as Roundup®). In a study performed by the Environmental Working Group, glyphosate was found in most oat-based cereals—food kids commonly eat. More than 250 million pounds of glyphosate is applied to our food crops each year. It is used on “Roundup®-ready” crops, which are designed to tolerate herbicides, as well as being used as a desiccant on off-label crops, such as oats, wheat and legumes.