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'Milk and Cookies' Could Get Moms Arrested

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Washington DC - The beloved American tradition of milk and cookies is a crime for some mothers, according to the Farm Food Freedom Coalition, organizers of a planned civil disobedience on November 1.

A US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation makes the transport of raw milk intended for human consumption across state lines illegal, even for individuals purchasing it legally in one state and carrying it into the states where they live.

On Tuesday, November 1, 2011, a group of moms will challenge the FDA's ban on interstate transport of raw milk by picking up fresh milk in Pennsylvania, transporting it to Maryland, then distributing it, along with cookies, in front of FDA headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland at a rally from 12:00 -3:00pm.

After numerous armed federal assaults and undercover investigations on
farmers, coops and buying groups that supply their raw milk, mothers across the country are disgusted with the FDA's aggression and ready to take action to protect their families' food.

"By criminalizing me for the food choices I make for my family, the FDA is effectively saying that I have no right to feed my family what I, as the parent, know is best for them," says Suzy Provine, one of the "raw milk freedom riders" who chooses fresh milk for her family.

"It is one thing to inform me about my choices, but the FDA goes too far by forcing what they think is best on my family."

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