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Millions Unite Globally and March to #EndMonsanto

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In a movement to #EndMonsanto, millions of people marched globally to protest against genetically modified organisms on Saturday. From various non-violent, family-friendly demonstrations in 47 cities within the U.S. to planned events in London, Argentina and Germany, the world came together to March Against Monsanto.

"I believe the success of the global action was profound, Tami Monroe, March Against Monsanto founder said. "This is the third time the world has united to take a stand for humanity."

The movement, which helps to educate people about GMOs while fighting for a permanent boycott of such crops, is one of the biggest ongoing global campaigns.

"The ultimate goal is being met by the education these marches generate," Monroe said. "Every day, more and more people are becoming aware of the havoc being wreaked at our expense and without our consent. People should look to get involved in their local cities, and if there isn't one near you, think about starting a MAM chapter. Even a little effort can lead to real impact in your communities."    

While GMOs have been partially banned in 13 countries, March Against Monsanto is dedicated to putting an end to big-ag and rather promoting the future of organic farming.

"Monsanto and biotech threaten everything humanity needs to sustain itself, and due to extreme government corruption, our elected officials are letting it happen, Monroe said.