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Minnesota’s Two Premiere Environmental Groups Endorse Ellison for Congress

The state’s two most influential environmental advocacy groups, Sierra Club North Star Chapter and Clean Water Action announced today their endorsements of DFL and labor endorsed 5th District candidate for Congress, Rep. Keith Ellison.

Sierra Club North Star Chapter member, Brett Smith said he supports Ellison and hopes his organization’s endorsement “will make voters aware of Keith Ellison’s strong environmental credentials. Personally, as an environmental activist and former faculty member in Environmental Studies at Macalester College, I have seen first hand Keith’s intelligence, commitment, passion and skill in addressing environmental issues and building alliances to broaden the movement.

“In his role as a key founder of Environmental Justice Advocates of Minnesota and as a legislator, Keith has worked to address environmental health concerns such as mercury, lead and pesticide pollution and to move our state away from carbon-based fuels toward renewable energy. And he has done so while bearing in mind the critical links between environmental quality and economic development,” Smith said.

Brian Elliott, Associate National Political Director for Clean Water Action, explained his board’s decision to back Ellison: “Keith will be a champion for the environment in Congress as evidenced by his legislative career, in particular his leadership on controversial legislative issues that are really important to public health such as the pesticide atrazine; as well as his successful work on legislation to reduce the presence of lead and mercury in the environment. And before his legislative career, his success has an advocate for environmental justice, his effort to create Environmental Justice Advocates Minnesota (EJAM). All these aspects of Keith’s record tell us that he won’t just vote right on environmental issues, but champion the environment in Congress.”

Ellison said he cannot think of a better endorsement of his proven record of advocating for the environment and public health over his career. “Clean Water Action is one of the premiere environmental advocacy groups in Minnesota and has been an inspiration to me as I’ve sought to contribute to the betterment of our environment and eliminate poisons such as lead and mercury from the environment that rob our children of reaching their full potential."

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