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Mismanaging a Pandemic: Failures in the COVID-19 Narrative

A careful review of thousands of scientific studies and interviews with leading medical professionals and physicians allows us to construct a more honest perspective about our federal health agencies’ and the World Health Organization’s successes and failures in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

In less than a month after the mRNA experimental vaccines were rolled out, medical professionals and clinical physicians started to voice their deep concerns and issue dire warnings. After serious vaccine associated injuries and deaths were reported in Norway and Germany, a number of skeptical doctors became fearful that mass vaccination campaigns would worsen the pandemic. Norwegian officials warned against vaccinating older patients with pre-existing illnesses. Opinions in the Israel National News stated that Pfizer used the nation as an experimental staging ground to roll out its Covid-19 vaccine; Israel was the first country to launch a nation-wide vaccination campaign. Consequently Israel was responsible for the most aggressive Covid-19 vaccination campaign, and medical experts were quick to observe that the risk of vaccine injury would be higher in people previously infected.

In the US, following the first month of vaccinating Americans en masse with Moderna’s and Pfizer’s experimental mRNA vaccines, over 29,000 adverse events requiring special medical assistance or hospitalization were reported.  Many critics of vaccination eagerly pointed out that these Covid-1i9 vaccine injuries had only been recorded in the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). However, for over fifteen years, VAERS has come under considerable scrutiny as a horribly inadequate and failed system to accurately monitor actual serious adverse vaccination events. The actual number of injuries and deaths is likely 900 percent higher.