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Mitt Romney and Monsanto, 35 years of Mutual Help

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Boston. A look into Mitt Romney's past reveals a secret he'd rather not discuss - 35 years worth of ties and mutual assistance between the Republican Presidential nominee and one of the most notorious and despised multi-national corporations on Earth - Monsanto. According to investigators, Mitt Romney and Bain not only saved Monsanto from going out of business, he personally orchestrated the corporation's push to alter the world's food supply, and then patent it.

Monsanto makes its billions in profits from its monopoly on the world's food. That monopoly doesn't come from having a store in every neighborhood or buying-out every competitor in the industry. Instead, Monsanto is changing the genetic structure of the Earth's food so that it's no longer food, but Monsanto trademarked, lab-created, food-like products.

Between its genetically altered agricultural seeds, its deadly pesticides and its over-priced fertilizer, Monsanto has become one of, if not thee, most hated corporations in the world. Hundreds of thousands of farmers each year commit suicide, most notably in India and Brazil, due to the corporation's iron grip on the globe's agriculture and its exponentially higher prices. But like a deadly street gang, once you're in Monsanto's clutches, there is no way out, as demonstrated by the millions of farmer suicides over the past decade.
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