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MN-based Cargill Faces Federal Complaint Over Turkey Labels

Many Americans are scaling back their Thanksgiving plans because of the pandemic. But turkey is still on the menu, and one Minnesota-based producer is facing complaints over its claims the birds come from "family farms."

Nonprofit groups have filed a petition with the Federal Trade Commission against Cargill, one of the nation's largest turkey producers. The complaint alleges Cargill makes misleading labeling claims by suggesting "independent family farms" play a role in the production process.

Angela Huffman, vice president of programs and development at the Family Farm Action Alliance, said given the company's size and scope, the labels don't match what's happening.

"These are not truly independent family farms," Huffman said. "Cargill is controlling the process the whole way through."

She contends the turkeys are largely produced in a factory-farm setting. The complaint also mentions concerns about worker safety and the company's environmental impact, and asks the Federal Trade Commission to investigate.