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Moderna’s CMO Believes Spikes From the mRNA Vaccine Get to the Heart

In May 2021 I was interviewed on a radio show.

I was asked if I thought that cases of myocarditis being diagnosed in young men shortly after receipt of Moderna’s mRNA-based COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ could be linked to the jab. I stated that I did and then began talking about the scientific basis for my concerns.

In the time allotted for this interview, I could only describe one of several potential mechanisms of action that could explain harms caused to the body by mRNA vaccines. Also, I could only present a tiny fraction of the scientific basis for my concerns. As such, I published all of these details in a Parent Guide to COVID-19 Vaccination.

I am unaware of any critics having read the guide that I wrote for parents. Everyone seems to have made assumptions based on my truncated message to a lay audience.