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Monsanto Fined $10 Million for Using Banned Pesticide on Maui

The chemical company continued to use a pesticide banned in 2013 for about a year after the prohibition.

Monsanto Co. will plead guilty to illegally storing and using a banned pesticide in Maui County and must pay $10 million as part of a plea agreement filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Hawaii.

The recent development caps one part of a multi-faceted inquiry launched by the Environmental Protection Agency for alleged pesticide misuse by several companies, including Monsanto.

The court also assessed administrative fines of $200,000 and a special assessment of $125. Monsanto will pay a $6 million criminal fee and $4 million to various government entities including the Department of Agriculture, Department of Land and Natural Resources, Department of Health, its Environmental Management Division and the Kahoolawe Island Reserve Commission, which will all receive $800,000 each.

The fines must be payed within 14 days. The company also must develop an environmental compliance program and agree to environmental audits every six months at their Hawaii locations. Monsanto must also submit to site visits from a probation officer.