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Monsanto Uses 5M a Year to Lobby Government to Make You Sick

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The Monsanto Company spent $1.4 million to lobby the federal government just in the first quarter of 2011, according to a recent disclosure report.  That's still less than the $2.5 million Monsanto spent in a single three month period only a year earlier.

The company primarily lobbied Congress and the U.S. Department of Agriculture concerning regulations that would affect genetically engineered crops such as the company's Roundup Ready soybeans and alfalfa.

According to CNBC:

 "The company also lobbied Congress and USDA on issues surrounding consolidation and antitrust law in agriculture ... The company also lobbied the U.S. Trade Representative and Department of State on issues surrounding foreign regulation and trade of biotech seeds."

Sources: CNBC June 20, 2011

 Dr. Mercola's Comments:

 If you've ever wondered why the United States leads the world in genetically modified (GM) crop acreage, the above lobbying statistics should give you your answer. Monsanto, the world leader in GM seeds, spends millions of dollars lobbying the U.S. government for favorable legislation that supports the spread of their toxic products.