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Monsanto Verdict Shines Spotlight on Glyphosate Residue in Food

As far as jury verdicts go, they do not get much bigger than this. A San Francisco state court jury has awarded Lee Johnson – a former school groundskeeper suffering from terminal cancer – $39 million for his losses and $250 million to punish Monsanto for a design defect and failure to disclose the dangers of using its glyphosate-based Roundup brand herbicide.

Just days after this announcement, the US-based Environmental Working Group (EWG) advocacy group released a new report detailing the presence of glyphosate in several popular breakfast foods marketed to children. This is called striking while the iron is hot.

EWG reported that lab testing of 45 samples of breakfast products made with conventionally-grown oats found glyphosate in all but two samples. EWG even found glyphosate in one-third of the 16 samples it tested of products made with organically-grown oats.

This is not the first study to report on glyphosate levels in packaged foods.