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Monsanto: The Worst Company of 2011

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Monsanto, the world leader in genetically modified (GM) crops and seeds, has been named the worst company of 2011 by Natural Society -- for "threatening both human health and the environment."

 I couldn't agree more; I have long designated Monsanto the most dangerous corporation on the planet, and clearly this is a growing sentiment 

 According to Forbes:

     "Monsanto is so despised by environmentalists that Google's first suggested search term for the St. Louis company is 'Monsanto evil.'

     Readers ... voted Monsanto the world's most evil corporation in a January poll, giving the corporation a whopping 51 percent of the vote."

What's Wrong With Monsanto?

 You may be wondering what Monsanto has done to have earned such ire.

 The list is long, easily enough for a novel, but to sum it up, biotech giant Monsanto has created some of the most dangerous products on the planet, including Agent Orange, dioxin, recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH)  and genetically modified seeds.

 The latter is one of the most pressing concerns because GM crops are now a mainstay of American agriculture.