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Monsanto's Glyphosate Found In Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

If you’re a fan of the classic Ben & Jerry’s ice cream line, you’re in for a treat. A survey conducted by the Health Research Institute (HRI) laboratories found traces of glyphosate in 13 out of the 14 tubs of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream sampled in the UK, France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Even if you’re unfamiliar with glyphosate, odds are that you’ve probably consumed it before. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Monsanto ‘s herbicide RoundUp, and it’s sprayed on not only GM crops, but many regular crops as well.

It’s not uncommon to find traces of glyphosate on non-organic foods now, which is a huge issue due to the risks it poses to both the environment and human health. RoundUp threatens the wildlife living around the crops and their surrounding environment, and the herbicide has helped Monsanto monopolize the North American farming industry, threatening local farmers’ livelihoods.

Over the years, many studies have been published proving that glyphosate can cause cancer, miscarriages, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, and more. Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), explained that glyphosate is possibly “the most important factor in the development of multiple chronic diseases and conditions that have become prevalent in Westernized societies.”

Another study suggested that glyphosate can cause celiac disease, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, kidney failure, miscarriages, infertility, birth defects, obesity, autism, depression, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and cancer.

So, if you’re eating Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, you could be getting a healthy dose of glyphosate. I understand that many people may argue that the health risks associated with ice cream aren’t necessarily “news,” but these less-than-healthy ingredients like sugar and dairy are at least listed on the back of the tub.

What these labels don’t include are the pesticides that could be in the ice cream. There’s no warning label, and many people don’t realize that in addition to all of that sugar and dairy, they could also be consuming harsh chemicals. You may be paying $5 per tub, but the true cost is much higher than the dollar value.