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Monsanto's Minions in California

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    Twenty years ago today, former Monsanto lawyer and present FDA deputy commissioner Michael Taylor declared genetically engineered foods "substantially equivalent" and declared they would not need to be labeled for consumers.

 Today is also the last day of the Money Bomb Against Monsanto Campaign, which launched on May 1. Earlier this month, volunteers and staff from the California Right to Know Campaign submitted nearly 1 million signed petitions from registered voters across the state of California to county officials, to place Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act on the Ballot for November 6.

 This Act will require food manufacturers to identify genetically engineered ingredients on the labels of foods sold in California.

 When California voters pass this ballot initiative, the Label Genetically Engineered Food Act will also not allow the common practice of mislabeling genetically engineered foods as "natural" or "all natural." But the biotech industry is not about to let this pass without a fight.

Industry Propaganda Aimed at Confusing and Misleading Consumers

 The Council for Biotechnology and the Grocery Manufacturers Association have filed as formal opposition to this initiative.  Not surprisingly, Monsanto is a member of both groups.