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Monsanto's rBGH to be Used in Farmed Fish?


In collaboration with Monsanto Chemical Company and California Sea Grant, Hawaii Sea Grant Director Gordon Grau is characterizing the efficacy and safety of Monsanto's recombinant bovine growth hormone in raising aquacultured tilapia. His research will help gather information essential for determining whether this hormone has practical value in improving production and in reducing costs in the aquaculture of finish and shellfish.

Grau's laboratory has established the recombinant bovine growth hormone does have significant growth-promoting effects in tilapia. The studies indicate the recombinant bovine growth hormone may have considerable practical value in tilapia aquaculture, and studies are now aiming at developing a practical method for treatment of tilapia fry.

Contact: Gordon Grau, Director, Hawaii Sea Grant, Phone: (808) 956-7031; Email: