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More Evidence for Early Treatment

Malfeasance and collusion by the WHO, Governments, TNI and old media

Trial Site News knocked it out of the park with their May 22, 2022 article entitled: “Opinion: What have We Learned about Early Treatment During the COVID-19 Pandemic?”

I strongly encourage people to read the full article, but the quoted sections of the article below highlight key points. For the many of articles published by Trial Site News, one needs to register with the organization for viewing. But this is a simple step, and Trial Site really has been a non-biased truth teller for both this pandemic, medicine and for clinical research in general.

The article starts with:

"Early calls for use of repurposed drugs that appeared to work—at least according to preliminary studies and hundreds to thousands of doctors on the front lines of the pandemic—were mostly ignored by organized medicine. This was primarily because even in pandemic times, organized medicine will not deviate from the existing stringent approaches and protocols to developing medical evidence. They will demonstrate flexibility with well-capitalized, staffed entities with track records, such as key players in the pharmaceutical industry..."