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More Than Ever, We Need Nature. It Makes Us and Our Children Happier

With so many destinations of pleasure denied to us now, we may be developing a deeper appreciation of nature, wherever we can get them. 

And we're lucky that getting outside, even while requiring social distancing, is still available to us during this pandemic.

On a recent hike through the woods, I explained to my daughters how we were doing three things that were simultaneously boosting our happiness at that moment.

First, we were getting exercise, a proven mood booster. Second, we were spending quality time with loved ones, long associated with life happiness in surveys. And third, we were in nature. 

    A walk in the woods is a trifecta of joy, and all it took was making a modest effort.

    Our local forays into nature always put us in a better head space, even when it's rainy or muddy, even when the kids get pooped, and even when they complain in advance of going. Once we are on the trail a switch is flipped. It is unfiltered adventure, discovery, connection and beauty. We are demonstratively happier.

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