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Mountain Rose Herbs Offers Grants to Projects in Sustainable Agriculture

Mountain Rose Herbs has announced their new Giving Project, awarding three $4,000 grants to organizations and individuals working in herbalism, environmentalism, and sustainable agriculture.

The company is seeking to help fund those who are working in herbalism and herbal education, protection of native and medicinal plants, environmental stewardship, and organic and sustainable agriculture, according to Mountain Rose Herbs’ website. Applicants are asked to create an up to three-minute video describing their project. Then, they must share it on social media with the hashtag #MRHgrants4plants.

“We recognize that across the country there are amazing people with big dreams who just need a little assistance to help their ideas come to fruition,” said Mountain Rose Herbs on their website. “We want to help! This year, we will award three grants in the amount of $4,000 each to those who demonstrate that they share our mission-driven philosophy, passion for herbalism, and commitment to protecting the planet. We are looking for herbal learners, home herbalists, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations who just need a little assistance to make their vision a reality. Tell us how you’re working to make this planet a better place!”

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