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Sales of Natural and Organic Products Outpace Conventional Food and Beverage as Consumers Get the Message About the Relationship Between Diet and Health

Launching natural products and organic companies, as well as investing in them, is a challenge in today’s competitive retail and consumer products marketplace. Yet, consumer demand for healthier products continues to grow. With concerns ranging from the cost of healthcare to the effects of food and agriculture on climate change, consumers of all ages are opting for natural, organic and functional foods and beverages, nutritional supplements, natural medicines and other eco-friendly products from mission-based companies that share their values and address their concerns.

And, with conventionally grown apples at the top of the Environmental Working Group’s infamous “Dirty Dozen” contaminated fruits and vegetables list (Each conventional apple contains on average 4.4 toxic, synthetic pesticide residues.), people are realizing that it’s the organic apple a day that keeps the doctor away.

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