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My Op-ed Inspired by Dr. Fauci’s Deposition Was Published on Fox

As my subscribers know by now, my Substack writing style differs markedly from the tone and language used when I successfully publish Op-Ed’s (shhh, I get professional help for the latter). And that help is invaluable because it allows me and the FLCCC to bring important information about the pandemic to millions of people (Fox News is the third most visited News Site on the internet with almost a billion visits per month).

Now more than ever, that information is absolutely critical to preserve our collective health given that Federal Public Health policies over just the last three years have caused unprecedented mortality and morbidity. I base this statement not only on their tragic suppression of the efficacy of early treatment with widely available repurposed drugs, but given the much weaker variants in circulation now, most of the current illness and death is being driven by the global suppression of data showing the lethality and toxicity of the vaccines while they continue to promote endless boosters.