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The Myth of Progress

After I published my interview with Paul Cudenec a couple of weeks ago, it inspired me to think more about what “progress” is, and how we got to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

And here is what I am thinking at the moment. The notion of Nature vs. Technology is in itself a faux conflict! When we, human beings, the technologists, are balanced, the technologies that we come up with don’t wreak havoc.

Coming up with new technologies—in a broad sense of it—is a part of our wiring. However, there are very different ways to go about it, different mindsets. We can go about it in a spiritually grounded manner—with respect for life, and patience, and an honest evaluation of the tradeoffs and the consequences for our descendants—or we can go about it like mad rapists. The results and the ‘feel” of the two modalities will be drastically different!