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Naiveté is What Companies Like Bayer and Monsanto Count on.

I deep cleaned my writing office in anticipation of the load of Roundup court dates coming up over the next few months. 

Sometimes, I don’t even recognize myself. Not many years ago, I was using all kinds of bleaches and cleaners with dubious ingredients. I’ve always felt a little suspicious that Clorox wipes likely harbor something uncool, because my hands unfailingly experienced a radiating, deep ache after using them. To help myself feel better, I’d eat my Oreo minis and a Diet Coke. Naturally. A grand trifecta of toxins.

Today, I’m using organic vinegar/water/lemon to clean while bemoaning that organic grapes are out of season and that Trader Joes sells pathetically few options for those who choose organic. I try to watch my sanity – or perhaps I’m more sane than I’ve ever been. I see no other choice after staring with naïve disbelief under the hood of AgChem and EPA corruption. My previous naiveté is exactly what companies like Bayer and Monsanto count on. 

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