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National Day of Action at Starbucks to Support Darigold Farm Workers

Thanks to everyone who's already taken action for diary workers! I'm reaching out to ask for your help again because the Darigold dairy workers' campaign is gaining momentum! Support Darigold workers in just 3 Easy Steps. Help us visit 1000 Starbucks stores this Friday 9/28!


Starbucks is a major buyer of Darigold Milk. Starbucks needs to take social responsibility for the products that make them profit.

Help the Darigold dairy workers of the United Farm Workers THIS FRIDAY September 28 at a Starbucks National Day of Action to support dairy workers. Just take this letter to your local Starbucks. This can happen ALL OVER THE COUNTRY!

The #Darigold Dozen held a 5-day Fast of Reconciliation in front of Darigold's headquarters from September 20-24. During that time, a delegation walked over to Starbucks headquarters and Starbucks finally met with them, but no specific promises were made.

YOU can help add impact to the farm workers' message by taking the next step. Deliver a letter to the manager at your local Starbucks store and ask them to demand that their major supplier, Darigold meet with the United Farm Workers.

These Frequently Asked Questions can give you some additional support.

Help us go to 1000 Starbucks stores on Friday 9/28!

Take ANY or all of these 3 easy steps!

1) Find your nearest Starbucks & take this letter to the manager on duty. Click the link to find the store nearest to you.

2) Take a selfie in front of the Starbucks you visit. Post it to NFWM's facebook page @nfwministry and tag "Starbucks" or if you need a little technological assistance TEXT IT along with the city and state of the store to or email it to

3) Then, Let Us Know You Did It! After you take a letter to a Starbucks manager at, please let us know you did

Thank YOU for supporting Darigold workers!