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National Sierra Club Betrays Activists and Life on Earth

In a nutshell Sierra Club national and several other well known "environmental" organizations, sold out the forests of California, possibly the entire world.

The state of California uses these large corporate run environmental organizations (Sierra Club) to sometimes write and recommend protocols for resource extraction industries, like timber companies. The Sierra Club relationship to timber industry wishes though, is unmistakable.

Hard fighting on the ground activists have been getting tripped up and betrayed by these large corporate "environmental" organizations. Now, the end of the Sierra Nevada forests are in sight. Two large timber barons and smaller companies plan to clearcut over 2 million acres in an already waning Sierras. They have been given the green light by the Sierra Club, Environmental Defense Fund and the state of California.

Years ago I found out that most people in California think that clearcutting is ALREADY illegal. This is especially true in the big cities, even among people who regularly donate to groups like the Sierra Club and the Environmental Defense Fund.

Clearcutting is the complete removal of all vegetation within a specified area, usually 20-30 acres but in California up to 40. Clearcutting is ALSO the death of everything on those trees, in the canopies of those trees and under those trees. Clearcutters spray TONS of lethal herbicides onto the forest floor and uproot and till the entire site in preparation for a tree plantation. Billions of organisms from birds and gophers to mycelium and bacteria are destroyed in each cut. Wildlife like deer, bear, game birds most any avoid the cuts, moving their forest routes to ever decreasing patches of natural woodland. Long after a plantation has established, herbicides and lack of diversity detour wildlife.