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Natural Medicine May Hold Solution for Bird Fu Pandemic

The real solution to the bird flu (or any flu) comes from natural sources. To survive most viral infections, all you really need are certain nutritional supplements and powerful medicinal herbs. As Dr. Russell Blaylock explains, "With nutritional supplementation, the elderly can avoid flu vaccination altogether. In my own clinical experience, supplementation dramatically reduces the incidence of ALL viral infection. And should that person become infected with a particularly virulent strain, the severity of the illness is dramatically reduced. This protection also includes such diseases as smallpox and anthrax." So, there you have it from a doctor who has the courage to stand up and tell the truth, and the brains to be an independent thinker. He doesn't fall for all the hype being distributed by the drug companies who, after all, look at flu shot season in the same way that retailers look at the Christmas shopping season: BIG MONEY. And a bird flu pandemic could be nothing short of a financial windfall for these companies.

Antibiotics don't work, either

What about antibiotics? As any doctor will tell you, antibiotics only work on bacteria, molds and fungi, not viruses. In fact, antibiotics are going to do you far more harm than good, because they are not going to prevent the virus, but they are going to destroy your healthy intestinal flora, and that's going to upset your entire digestive system. It's going to make it more difficult to assimilate the nutrients you need from whole food concentrates and medicinal herb supplements.

Taking antibiotics could give you diarrhea. They could also give you indigestion. They're basically going to worsen your health and probably force a situation where it takes you far longer to recover from the flu. So, I do not recommend taking antibiotics for any viral infection, and certainly not for any potential bird flu virus. Instead, work with a naturopath, because the naturopath is going to work holistically with the foods, the supplements, the herbs and the products that you are using. He or she may, in fact, recommend things that are not even in this book.

Your immune system is the ultimate solution

Besides, whether or not you visit a doctor, it's still up to your immune system to conquer the flu. In the end, your doctor can't take over your immune system via remote control. The immune system is either going to do the job and you are going to get over this, or it's not going to do its job and you are going to die from it. Those are the only two possible outcomes, and the doctor has almost no control over that. The doctor can't heal a patient, and the best doctors already know that. All they can do is assist the patient in healing themselves. Remember, all healing comes from the patient. All healing is ultimately initiated by you.

There are many natural substances that can help protect you from the bird flu. And many of them are probably growing in your yard or neighborhood right now; right this very minute. If you have the right knowledge, when the next flu pandemic hits, you could literally go out into your neighborhood forest, park, or yard, pick up the right plants, put them in a glass jar, fill the jar with vodka, shake it up, let it sit for a few days and then use that as an antiviral tincture to boost your flu immunity.

I know from experience that most people will ignore natural medicines up until the day they run out of options. Most people only turn to herbs and natural medicine when their regular, conventional physician has left them to die. They only turn to alternative medicine when modern medicine has failed them. And that is their great missed opportunity, because they could have survived, and been healthier and disease free all along, if they had just looked at the solutions nature has provided us.

Conventional medicine is based on dogma, not science

You see, all you have to do to survive the next pandemic is shift your beliefs about medicine and disease prevention. Stop believing that conventional medicine has a monopoly on health knowledge. The vast majority of people on the planet don't even use prescription drugs -- they use plants and herbal medicines which, by the way, are not manufactured in medicine labs. They're made inside the leaves, roots, stems and fibers of plants. Garlic, for example, contains dozens of antiviral compounds (as well as phytochemicals that lower cholesterol, halt the growth of cancer tumors, and much more).

Pomegranate seeds, blueberries and other superfruits contain the strongest and most biologically diverse antioxidants known to anyone. Green tea, lemon balm, olive leaves and even Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs contain medicine that even the best pharmaceutical scientists could only dream of creating -- medicine to overcome chronic disease, infections and even pandemics. The most powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal chemicals, like the ones found in garlic, are far more effective than the ones manufactured in medicine labs.

In fact, the best-known antiviral prescription drug TamiFlu is derived from an active ingredient in a traditional Chinese herb called "star anise." But the drug is only an isolated extract. The herbs work far better than the drugs because they offer a multitude of complementary phytonutrients, not isolated chemical extracts.

Weeds are smarter than the pharmaceutical industry

Take a close look at a plant and marvel at how it is an independent pharmaceutical factory; how one plant sitting in a yard can produce $100,000 worth of healing phytochemicals that save many lives, even though it doesn't know what it's doing. In fact, I bet there is a plant in your yard right now, called the dandelion plant, that contains literally hundreds of different chemical compounds with medicinal potential. We already know that dandelion leaves and roots protect the liver, support kidney function and help regulate blood sugar. And yet this is a plant that most people try to kill by spraying it with poison.

A lot of those people also believe in the dogma of modern medicine. And, frankly, those are the very people who are more likely to die in a bird flu pandemic because they will be unable to accept information or ideas outside the realm of prescription drugs.

As a result, they may take their beliefs with them to the grave, because they were too narrow-minded, too dogmatic and too ignorant to open their minds to the possibility that surviving the bird flu is easier than you think, and that the human body was actually programmed to conquer infectious disease. A whopping twenty-five percent of your genetic code, for example, is dedicated solely to fighting off infectious disease.

Don't be a victim of your beliefs. Expand your mind and be open to additional ideas beyond Tamiflu and vaccinations. By doing so, you will greatly improve your ability to survive any infectious disease outbreak. This doesn't mean you should avoid using Tamiflu or other anti-viral drugs if you're fortunate enough to have access to them, but it does mean you shouldn't limit your thinking to only those drugs. Think beyond the drugs to give yourself the best defense possible.

New understanding can transform your life

I'm sure some people might read this and dismiss it up until the day that one of their family members catches H5N1 influenza and discovers there's nothing conventional medicine can do. Let's face it: The World Health Organization, CDC and even the White House have already told you there won't be enough medicine to go around. So, why do some people still refuse to look beyond the limited options of a single system of medicine?

In fact, I'm sure members of the conventional medical community are going to ridicule this information, even while millions of people are dying from the pandemic some day. Conventionally trained doctors will stand by helpless, unable to do a thing, because their medical system is broken. Their medicine doesn't work. It will be the midwives, the herbalists, the naturopaths and everybody else the state medical boards have tried to throw in jail for "practicing medicine without a license" who will be saving peoples' lives. These are the folks who know how to stop a pandemic.

Keep this website handy. Read it, learn it, start using it and integrate this information into your life. Then go on with your life without worry or concern about this year's flu or the coming influenza pandemic. Go on with your life and stop worrying. Don't live in a state of constant fear about something you can protect yourself against.

I want you to be able to spend time with your family, knowing that they're not going to be hit by this flu. I want you to go on with your life and do something creative and important that helps uplift humanity. I want you to survive the bird flu outbreak and go on to contribute to society in a meaningful way.

The only way that you're going to be able to do that is if you are around. The way to be around is to survive. The way to survive is to turn to nature and your innate healing abilities. Remember this: You are a living, breathing miracle of human nature right now.

To embrace the healing potential of nature and the gifts that have been provided to you in the form of plant-based medicines is to embrace your true heritage, your ancestry and your blueprint for life on this planet. This is the medicine your body was designed for. Use it wisely.

Remember, too, that if the bird flu virus becomes a widespread human pandemic, its kill rate will likely drop to somewhere around two percent. (That's the nature of pandemic viral outbreaks. If the kill rate is too high, they never spread.) This means your odds of survival may be roughly ninety-eight percent, and if you supplement with anti-viral foods, herbs, medicines, and even drugs if you can get them, then your chance of survival approaches one hundred percent. I don't know about you, but I'd much rather face the bird flu with a 99.9% chance of survival (with the help of natural

medicine) than 98.0% survival. These numbers are all estimates, but I'm sure you get the picture.

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