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Natural Products Industry on Front Lines of Coronavirus Crisis

Since COVID-19 began taking hold in the United States, the people and companies of the natural products industry have faced challenges and opportunities in supplying products consumers want.

From the moment in early March when New Hope Network first announced the postponement of Natural Products Expo West— what contributor Douglas Yu referred to as the "Super Bowl of natural CPG"— to mid-March, when UNFI CEO Steve Skinner joined a group of food, retail and distribution leaders at the White House to help ensure that America's grocery shelves stay stocked— no small feat during the panic buying rush of the past few weeks— the COVID-19 pandemic has put the natural products industry on the front lines of the coronavirus crisis.

There have been many challenges and a few opportunities associated with this position. Stores find themselves short-staffed and have had to cut hours to deep clean and restock empty shelves.