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Natural Ways to Help Fight Flu

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The video above gives a wonderfully clear illustration of what happens when someone nearby you sneezes and you end up inhaling the virus. It's said that a single sneeze may produce up to 40,000 droplets, which may leave your mouth at speeds of more than 200 miles per hour.

While some of the heavier droplets will fall to the floor, others remain airborne and are quickly circulated around the room. If the droplet is infected with a virus, and you inhale it, the video shows how a single virus can quickly begin producing millions of copies within your cells.

It's a frightening prospect, until you realize that your body has more than 1 trillion cells - making 1 million viruses a mere drop in the bucket.

Also important, your body is equipped with its own highly effective defense system - your immune system - that starts killing viruses almost as quickly as they are produced. As long as your immune system can stay one step ahead of the virus, you'll feel better again quickly   and in some cases may not even know you were 'sick.'