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Nestlé Wants You To Think It’s a ‘Health and Wellness’ Company — but 70% Of Its Products Are Junk Food

As Nestlé seeks to become a global leader in food allergy treatments and personalized vitamins, the world’s largest food company hasn’t really changed — 70% of its products are junk food.

In recent decades, the food system has dramatically changed, which in turn has impacted food safety and human health. Company documents from Nestlé, one of the largest food manufacturers, reveal 70% of its products are junk foods. Vegetable oils and changes in how cerealssalads and meats are grown have dramatically altered the overall safety and nutrition of most people’s diets.

Americans spend 57.9% of their food budget on ultra-processed foods, like those produced by Nestlé. This means more than half of what the average person in America eats are foods that can be purchased in a local gas station or convenience store.

Ultra-processed foods often have added sugar and account for 89.7% of added sugar in the diet, while coming from an industry with a long history of intentionally confusing consumers. It’s crucial to be informed and vote for your beliefs on state and federal ballots, and with your pocketbook when choosing your food.