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New Egg Recall Also Connected to DeCoster

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More than a quarter of a million eggs from an Ohio farm have been recalled from eight states because of Salmonella enteritidis concerns.

This marks the latest high-profile woe for the nation's food-safety system. And it potentially could add to the legal troubles faced by the Iowa farmer at the center of two massive egg recalls over the summer.

Cal-Maine Foods Inc., the nation's leading egg seller and distributor, said Monday that it was recalling 288,000 eggs that the Jackson, Miss., firm had bought from Ohio Fresh Eggs.

Cal-Maine said in a statement that the federal Food and Drug Administration alerted the company Friday that its Croton, Ohio-based supplier had a routine sample test positive for salmonella. Cal-Maine had bought about 24,000 dozen unprocessed eggs from Ohio Fresh, which were then processed and repackaged at Cal-Maine's facility in Arkansas from Oct. 9 to 12.

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