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New Green Technology Allows Carpet Cleaning Without Soaps or Chemicals

Minneapolis, Minnesota - ZeroRez Carpet and Living Surfaces Care made its home in Minnesota and the Twin Cities and have never been cleaner. ZeroRez employs chemical-free cleaning solutions to clean residential and commercial carpet, tile, upholstery, and air ducts.

The ZeroRez ZFR cleaning system is among the fastest growing cleaning systems in the country as families with infants, pets, asthma, and chemical sensitivities find ZeroRez's non-toxic cleaning approach a safe haven from the industrial chemicals used by most cleaners. Co-owner Sean Stevens explains that "business is booming; ZeroRez's approach to cleaning is the first significant advancement in carpet cleaning over the last 20 years. Taking soaps out of the equation actually gets carpets and fabrics cleaner, and with our Empowered Water they stay cleaner longer. What we do is simple science, and lab testing has shown our green approach cleans better."

ZeroRez Carpet and Living Surfaces Care received the Carpet and Rug Institute's highest rating for truck mounted cleaning systems. The Carpet and Rug Institute's industry-wide testing ranked ZeroRez's cleaning system at the top for truck mounted carpet cleaners based on soil extraction, carpet dry time and re-soiling.

The residue left in carpets by most cleaning systems rapidly attract dirt, mat the carpet yarn, dull color and texture, and increase carpet wear and tear. "More importantly," asks Mr. Stevens, "how clean is your carpet if it is loaded with soap and chemicals? We take chemicals out of the equation and Minnesota homes are cleaner as a result."  ZeroRez cleans with a high-alkaline fluid derived from water treated by a machine patented by Electric Aquagenics. The treatment process creates Empowered Water, a Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) cleaning solution with powerful anti-microbial properties.

"From its inception, Zerorez has been committed to the principles of Green Chemistry, long before Green Chemistry was a common place term. Our business revolves around marketing non-toxic product solutions that create completely safe living environments, covering living surfaces such as carpet and tile cleaning, air and water purification systems" said James Stone, ZeroRez CEO.
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