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New Laws Will Impact California Farmers on January 1

CALIFORNIA - From higher wages to air quality, a number of new laws impacting California farmers and ranchers will take effect in the new year.

Of the 964 bills that made it to the governor’s desk this year, 750 were signed into law and 214 were vetoed.

Perhaps the most significant piece of legislation affecting California agriculture is one that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger approved in 2006. Assembly Bill 1835 increased the state minimum wage this year from $6.75 to $7.50 an hour. The second phase of this legislation takes effect starting Jan. 1, when the minimum wage will jump to $8 an hour.

California will be tied with Massachusetts for the highest state minimum wage in the nation. Before 2007, the last state minimum wage increase also happened in two consecutive years - from $6.25 an hour in 2001 to $6.75 an hour in 2002. Read More
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