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New 'Medical Racism' Film Confronts Long-Standing Experimentation on Minorities

Filmmakers Expose the Underbelly of Government and Pharma Research Programs Targeting Blacks and Latinos

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s Children's Health Defense, in conjunction with Centner Productions and the Urban Global Health Alliance (UGHA), and co-producers Rev. Tony Muhammad and author/historian Curtis Cost, today announced the release of the Medical Racism: The New Apartheid which premieres on March 11, 2021. Watch now.

“Medical Racism” illuminates the shocking history of human experimentation targeting Blacks by government health regulators and private pharmaceutical companies. “While many Americans are familiar with the historic medical atrocities by CDC at Tuskegee by the father of American gynecology, Dr. J. Marion Sims on South Carolina slave girls, and the continuing medical larceny against Henrietta Lacks, they are likely unaware of the routine medical barbarism against Africans that persists today,” said the film's co-producer, Curtis Cost.

The documentary, directed by Academy Award nominee David Massey, chronicles the medical cartel's long history of targeting minority populations for unethical experiments, the acquiescence of regulatory agencies and medical ethicists, and the silence of physicians that allow these atrocities to continue today.