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New Report Shares Details About the Organic Poultry Market

As the life style is changing globally, the demand of health beneficiary products is robustly increasing. Organic poultry market is taking the advantage and creating organic broilers and organic layer hens because the chicken is more prevalent in the market and everyone tries to include organic food in their diet. Organic poultry market is driven by the fact that people are getting more health conscious.

Organically raised birds does not contain toxic hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides that conventionally raised birds generally possess and it also tastes better. Organic poultry birds possess high content of Omega-3 fatty acids as compared with conventionally raised birds which adds extra health benefits of organic products.

Organic Poultry Market: Segmentation:

The organic poultry market can be segmented on the basis of product type into organic eggs and organic meat products. Organic eggs have high vitamin content and low fat as compared to conventional eggs.

The global organic poultry market is further segmented on the basis of applications into bakery food like hamburgers, sausages etc. body building foods like lean chicken breasts, and processed meat products. Processed meat products contain frozen meat, powdered chicken, etc.

Furthermore segmentation of organic poultry market can be done on the basis of distribution channels as supermarket/ hypermarket, specialty stores, online sales, retail stores and departmental stores etc. Good hygienic properties of Organic meat is making it popular in consumers which is increasing organic poultry market in every distribution channel.

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