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New Study Shows Ivermectin Can Reduce Chance of Death by 92%

A new large prospective observational study of 88,000 people shows ivermectin works; the greater the dose, the better it works.

How does the WHO react?

They ignore it of course!

The WHO has not updated their treatment guideline for Ivermectin in over 1 year. New studies are ignored since they are relatively small.

But this one was relatively large since it was everyone in a small city (223,128 residents of Itajaí).

This study doesn’t justify modification of their treatment guidelines. Ivermectin is to be avoided, except in a clinical trial.

Ivermectin study data

Here is the data on ivermectin studies from Do you see a pattern to the studies? Lower mortality in 46 studies. Can you cite a drug with 46 studies showing a mortality benefit that was later found to be harmful to patients? Of course not! The level of evidence is extraordinarily consistent.