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New Trade Organization Forms with Mission to Define What 'Natural' Means

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A new trade organization has formed with the mission to define what 'natural' means. The nascent Organic and Natural Health Alliance (ONHA) plans to go about defining that attribute in a way that is unique in the natural products business in that it will take consumers' views into account, one of the organization's founders said.

"It's a trade association that engages consumers on a level playing field. That is highly unique in this area," Karen Howard, ONHA director, told Nutralingredients-USA.

Howard said the organization will have it's official launch at the Supply Side West trade show in Las Vegas in October.  There the organization will hold the first of a series of meetings with stakeholders on the thorny issue of defining what 'natural' means and developing a way to implement that definition in the marketplace. But Howard emphasized that the group wants the process to as above board as possible and seeks to engage consumers who might be passionate about what they think 'natural' means een if they might be ignorant of most of the details of the operations of food and dietary supplements businesses.

"The process we are going to use is going to be transparent," Howard said. "The sessions we will have on this topic will be open."