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New 'Weed Medicine' Guide Shows the Power of Traditional Herbal Remedies

Halt tumor growth with the juice of a common weed (page 100)...

Watch heart congestion vanish with a common seed powder used to make mustard (page 227)...

Conquer seasonal allergies with a simple but common plant you can probably find growing near your own home (page 126)...

Dear Readers,

Did you know that some of the most powerful, safe and effective medicines in the world are found in common plants and weeds that may be growing near your home right now?

For decades, the FDA and drug companies have tried to control where you get your medicine (from pharmacies). But now, you can unlock a treasure trove of wisdom about the genuine medicine found in everyday plants with Do it Yourself Weed Medicine, a valuable new guide to native medicine by herbalist and naturopath Granny Earth.

My name is Mike Adams, and you probably know me as the author of countless articles, guides, interview and books on natural health. I've read hundreds of books on natural medicine, but this one impressed me so much, I invited the author to submit it for publication. This book is a real gem; a treasure of knowledge once relied upon by Native American Indians and other indigenous cultures as their primary source of medicine. In it, you'll learn how to:

Regulate hormone balance with the help of a common weed people spend countless hours trying to eliminate from their lawns (page 110) Beat acne with a little-known weed remedy that really works (page 92) Watch indigestion vanish after you drink this simple concoction of two remarkable weeds (page 160) Halt the growth of cancer tumors with nature's anti-cancer remedy (page 164) Eliminate bacterial infections with nature's own natural antibiotics you can harvest for nothing (page 122) Help purify your blood with a specific part of a common thistle (page 168) Boost your liver function with a medicinal plant most people think is a noxious weed (page 174) Eliminate colic with a dirt-cheap culinary herb (page 146) Make your own allergy remedy for mere pennies (page 121) ... and much more.

Learn how to make genuine medicinal remedies for mere pennies...

Using weeds that most people dismiss as a nuisance, you can make your own remedies for numerous health conditions. Let Granny Earth teach you what to harvest, how to prepare it in a few simple steps, and how to use it to boost your health and overcome a wide array of health challenges. Granny Earth includes sketches of each weed and details on how to identify, prepare and use them. She also shares the history of use, practical cautions and special tips.

These plants are growing all around you: in yards, parks, fields, forests and alongside roads. Live in the city? Don't worry: Many of these common plants can be purchased at the grocery store or easily cultivated in small containers you can grow on a window sill. And they're found in many countries, including the United States, Canada and most of Europe.

Do it Yourself Weed Medicine also teaches:

The REAL history of conventional medicine in America The connection between vaccination and autism, Epstein-Barr, celiac disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, SIDS and more How to fight Codex -- including 4 health freedom organizations you can trust How the Nazis impacted health freedoms today The history of natural healing The TRUTH about fluoride and how it kills How the Carnegies helped outlaw natural medicine Weeds that the government wants to ban Why making your own weed medicine will empower your own health freedom

Granny Earth also covers the "why" of weed medicine with a timeline of over 200 frightening years of the tyranny of conventional medicine. After reading about fluoride, the history of vaccination and Codex, you'll understand the need to take control over your own health care, and why relying on information from an industry that profits from your illness doesn't make sense.

If you've ever wanted to unlock Mother Nature's best healing secrets, get your hands on Do it Yourself Weed Medicine. And if you're still driving to the pharmacy to buy drugs sold at ridiculous prices (over 300,000% markup on some drugs!), you might save a fortune by getting your medicine from nature instead. The medicine you really need may literally be as close as your own back yard.

 To your health, - Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

P.S. We're currently accepting preorders of Weed Medicine. Shipments begin Oct. 6th. Preorder today and we'll include a bonus report on brain nutrition. See the order page for details.

P.P.S. As with all our books, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed for a full year! Try Weed Medicine risk free, and if you don't absolutely love it, you can simply return it for a full refund (less shipping).