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New York to Offer "Moneypox" Vaccine

Not a typo but an expression of a popular sentiment.

#1. Moneypox

Thanks to Dr. Meryl Nass for the term!

They have the nerve to even say that the demand exceeds the supply. I mean yeah, the past two years have shown to our generation that with enough terroristic messaging and attacking people on every sensory front (see this torture manual), you can temporarily disable the innate self-preservation instincts in very intelligent people by creating an emotional “cytokine storm” that floods the gates of rational thinking and makes people act against their interests… but even so, at this point, nobody cares for the stupid moneypox. (I think I am going to just use that word.)

By the way, there have been shady gain-of-function activities around this disease, and it is entirely possible that this moneypox now is not the same as the traditional monkeypox. But if that is the case, why take a cure from the very people who gave you the disease?