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New York Plans to Ban Sale of Big Sizes of Sugary Drinks

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    If you've paid any attention to the US news over the past week, you've surely heard that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has proposed a ban on the sale of sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces, in an effort to combat obesity.

 The announcement was made just days before Mayor Bloomberg celebrated National Donut Day in Madison Square Park, where, on June 1, the largest box of Entenmann's Donuts ever created was proudly unveiledi...

 Bloomberg's plan would prohibit the sale of cups or bottles of sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces from restaurants, delis, movie theaters, sports arenas, street vendors, and any other establishment that is regulated by the New York City Department of Health.  According to CNN, the NYC Department of Health will submit the proposed measure to the Board of Health on June 12. The board will then accept comments for next three months, after which it will make its decision. If approved, the proposal would take effect six months later-as early as March of next year-and restaurant owners would have nine months from the adoption of the proposal to comply before any fines would be levied.

 According to Bloomberg, New York City spends $4 billion a year on medical care for overweight people, and he wants to "do" something about that. CNN recently quoted the Mayor as saying:

     "This is something we think we have the legal authority to do. We're not taking away anybody's right to do something; we're simply making it different for them in how they do it." He said he hoped the move will help lead to different behaviors."

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