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Newport City Council OKs Several Green Measures

NEWPORT - The City Council, thinking green last night, supported several unrelated items to benefit the environment.

It approved the purchase of the city's second hybrid car, a prohibition on using poisons for mosquito abatement, encouraged a reduction in diesel fumes and moved forward with plans to treat contaminated runoff to Easton Beach with ultraviolet light.

The council voted to hire Fuss & O'Neill, of Providence, to design an ultraviolet light disinfection system for $217,875 for water discharged from Easton Pond and the surrounding moat. Julia Forgue, director of utilities, reported that a test of the technology, provided successful last fall.

Councilman Justin McLaughlin praised the administration for being nearly a year ahead of schedule in addressing the issue of moat runoff carrying bacteria to the beach and contributing to beach closures.

The new hybrid car, a 2009 Chevrolet Malibu, will be purchased from Liberty Chevrolet for $22,767. The vehicle will be used by the zoning and inspections division, replacing a 1989 Ford Crown Victoria. City Manger Edward F. Lavallee said, in a memorandum, that the city will "now have two new hybrids which will benefit the city in fuel costs and air emissions."

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