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Next Generation Effects From GMO Crops Are a Serious Risk for Ecosystems – New Study

A new peer reviewed paper published in the international Environmental Sciences Europe journal has focused for the first time on the risk assessment of so-called next generation effects from GM Crops. The review addresses unintended effects that were observed in spontaneous hybrid offspring but absent in the original plants. Some of the risks included a higher invasive potential of the GMO plants and/or disruption of associated ecosystems.

“If gene flow to natural populations cannot be prevented, this can put biodiversity and the livelihoods of future generations at risk. These risks concern the cultivation of GE plants such as oilseed rape in the US, Canada and Australia; Camelina in the US; rice in Asian countries and cowpeas in Africa,” stated Christoph Then of Testbiotech, who is one of the authors.

“There is also a risk caused by import of GE plants for the EU, if for example spillage occurs during transport from viable kernels of GE oilseed rape. Plants growing from these kernels can survive in the environment and spread uncontrollably,” Then continued.

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