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No More Injections for Healthy People - Here’s Why

If you have not yet seen the documentary entitled “A Letter to My MP” produced by James F. Wells, I strongly encourage it. Listening to the diverse and debilitating experiences of the many people affected with unexplained post vaccine symptoms, one cannot help but feel furious at those who have unleashed on us (and promoted and coerced and blackmailed us to take) these untested and unsafe experimental injections – and, incredibly, continue to do so!

There is a mountain of evidence, including the testimonies of so many who have been harmed, to show that these injections are not fit for purpose: they do not work, they are not safe, they systematically destroy our immune system, and they contain secret ingredients that have not been disclosed to the public, purportedly to protect pharmaceutical manufacturers’ commercial interests. But what about our interests? And what about informed consent? There is no way we can consent to something if we are not fully informed of the ingredients.