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No-Till Gardening: An Easier Way to Grow

Tilling soil is supposed to improve soil structure, but consider the myriad of soil life that is disrupted every time we till. If we avoid tilling, soil organisms can thrive undisturbed. This is good news for plants, and allows for a more natural balance between soil pests and their predators to develop.

New No-Till Gardens

Tilling isn’t even necessary when creating new beds. Simply clear the soil surface of any debris and rocks. Mow grass and weeds close to the ground. Place a layer of well-rotted organic matter such as compost or manure on top at least 4 inches deep. This will suppress weeds and provide a nutrient-rich growing medium for roots to grow into.

Make your beds no more than 4 feet wide to avoid ever needing to step on the soil. This means the soil is less likely to become compacted, which lessens still further the need to till.

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