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Nordic's Credibility Chasm

Editor's note: This is the second column by Lawrence Reichard addressing a 40-acre salmon factory farm proposed by Norway-based Nordic Aquafarms. More about the project here.

In my last column I wrote about plans by the Norwegian company Nordic Aquafarms to build one of the biggest salmon factories in the world in Belfast. In that column, I cited a number of misrepresentations made by Nordic. There are more.

At a Feb. 21 public meeting, Nordic made a PowerPoint presentation that showed one of its existing fish factories located in a residential area, and Nordic CEO Erik Heim said the factory's residential neighbors had no problem with the plant. Soothing, reassuring words. And misleading. Left unsaid is that Nordic's proposed Belfast factory would be more than five times as big as either of Nordic's existing fish factories.

In its Belfast promotional material, Nordic states that "The land in question has few neighbors." It's more than a few. There are 12 residential homes on Perkins Road alone, and that doesn't count homes on Route 1, Herrick Road, South Congress Street and elsewhere that may be directly affected by truck traffic and other factors associated with the construction and operation of a $450 million to $500 million facility.

And what about those "few" neighbors? Are we to understand that they should sacrifice their neighborhood for the sake of Boston and New York consumers, and for the sake of a for-profit corporation from 3,000 miles away?

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