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Nordstream 1-2’s Four Explosions: CIA’s WaPo Makes the Claim That Russia Shot Its Own Golden Goose

And exploded its leverage over Europe. Can anyone take this seriously?

Just because both Joe Biden and State Department diplomat Victoria Nuland (who came to fame when, in 2014, she insisted to the US’ ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt that it would be the US’ choice of who ran Ukraine, not Europe’s choice [“Fuck the EU”] in a leaked phone call) — threatened to disable the Nordstream pipelines, well, that doesn’t mean the US government is guilty. There isn’t any evidence, is there?

“Nuland said on video, on January 27, 2022, “If Russia invades Ukraine, one way or another, NordStream 2 will not move forward.” You can also watch her on Twitter.

Nuland’s husband is the equally loathesome Robert Kagan, cofounder of the 1998 Project for a New American Century. Her father, believe it or not, was a famous bioethicist and surgeon. The apple fell far from the tree.

What does today’s WaPo say?

Nord Stream spill could be biggest methane leak ever but not catastrophic