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US-UK Trade Deal: There Is a Sense in Europe That American Food Is Unsafe

The comments will increase fears that chlorinated chicken, hormone-treated beef and other food products currently banned will be introduced in the UK

The US will only agree a trade deal with the UK if it agrees to loosen its food regulations so that its produce can be sold there, Washington’s chief negotiator has warned.

The comments will increase fears that chlorinated chicken, hormone-treated beef and other food products currently banned in the UK for health and animal welfare reasons will become commonplace following any post-Brexit deal with the US.

Apart from potential health effects, the move would put pressure on UK farmers whose produce would be more expensive than US imports because of the higher safety standards.

The US is in various trade talks with the European Union and Britain at the moment.

Comments to Congress

Speaking of its discussions with both parties, US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer made it clear to Congress that a failure to relax standards to allow its agricultural products to be sold there would be a deal-breaker in either case.

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