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OCA Answers Whole Foods

Dear organic consumer,

Whole Foods Market (WFM) has sent a number of emails in response to OCA's ongoing informational campaign regarding their purchasing, marketing and labor practices. WFM, however, has yet to address the main points of our campaign:

·       GMO contamination is widespread in the so-called "natural" food sector

·       Most natural products are simply greenwashed conventional products, at organic prices.

·       Respect for workers is the a key component in a just and sustainable food system.

WFM and OCA do in fact have conflicting visions on how to create a truly sustainable and organic food system. Read below:

·       OCA believes that localized and organic food and farming is the cornerstone to a truly sustainable food system. The combination of climate change, peak oil and the health care crisis require a radical approach to repairing our food system.  WFM has made token efforts to source from local farmers and continues to prioritize the industrial globalized food system for sourcing their products.

·       OCA has clearly documented the proliferation so-called "natural" products as greenwashed conventional products, with "natural" label claims neither policed nor monitored. WFM continues to sell "natural" products, at organic prices, with many containing GMOs, synthetic ingredients, or processed using hazardous chemicals.

·       OCA believes that a sustainable food system must be democratic, transparent and accountable. WFM's prioritizes "corporate organics" business model that have undermine organic standards,

·       OCA believes that all workers throughout the supply chain, from farm workers and truck drivers, to warehouse workers and retail workers, have the right to organize for fair wages, safe working conditions and a voice on the job. WFM has consistently attacked efforts that give workers a voice, from undermining the United Farm Workers efforts to organize in Oregon, to regularly attacking any and all efforts to unionize the WFM workforce.

·       OCA believes that producers, manufacturers and retailers must be vigilant to assure that their products are safe and free from dangerous chemicals, like carcinogens. WFM continues to allow blatant labeling fraud in the organic personal care and cosmetics sector and has refused to endorse OCA's Coming Clean Campaign.

Whole Foods Email to OC@ Supporters


Thank you for contacting Whole Foods Market. You are receiving this email in response to a form email that was sent to us through the Organic Consumer's Association (OCA) website.

We are disheartened that the OCA continues to spread misinformation about Whole Foods Market, regardless of correct information we provide to them and to our customers. In order to further their own agenda, they continue to target many of the companies and individuals who have founded, nurtured and grown the US organic industry.

There are some people and organizations that simply do not believe that corporations can do good in the world, and it seems that the OCA is restricted by its mission to support only the work of certain small farmers and businesses. They advocate for certain coops, independent retailers and producers who share their circumscribed view of what organic and sustainable agriculture should be. As long as Whole Foods Market remains a publicly-traded company and sells products from suppliers of all sizes, we will continue to be their target.

At the core of everything we do at Whole Foods Market is the belief that companies can do good in the world. Just browse our website and you will see many examples of this belief in action:

We work to be transparent about our company, and we're happy to candidly answer any questions our customers have about how we do business. If you have questions, please ask us directly - we'd love to hear from you. Email, call (512)542-0878, or stop by your local store and ask our team members directly.

Kind regards,