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Occupy Iowa Caucus: A Democrat "Uncommitted" in 2012 or Why I Won't Caucus for Obama a Second Time

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Right now all eyes are once again on Iowa. While the 2012 Republican candidates are scrambling to make last minute efforts to get ahead in the polls, another movement is in full swing to make sure that the winner of the 2008 caucus and Presidential election - one Barack Obama - has to answer once again to his formerly impassioned supporters.

Four years ago I not only caucused for Obama, but actively recruited family farmers to vote for him during the caucus and general election as well as organizing a conference call at the Obama campaign's request four days before the first in the nation caucus to try to persuade Iowa farmers and environmentalists to support the junior Illinois Senator. After that, I ran a volunteer get out the vote office during the general election in Clear Lake, Iowa, making hundreds of phone calls and knocking on doors in the summer and fall months. Like millions of enthusiastic activists, I was active and fully supported Barack Obama's campaign. Sadly, quite a bit of polish has worn off many of his previous campaign promises.

The question now for Iowa Democrats is, will they blindly stand by their man or will they express their dissatisfaction with Obama's complete failure to follow through on what he promised us during his first tour through the Iowa countryside?

For the past several weeks, Iowa Occupiers have stepped up protests and occupations in front of candidate's offices, including all Republican candidates, President Obama's and occupying the Democratic campaign headquarters, but only after Obama's campaign staff locked and fled their offices. In the face of an adversary, it seems Obama's team only knows one move - retreat. 
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