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Occupy Your Food Supply: Radical Farmer's March Aims to Bridge Urban-Rural Divide, Focus in on "Food Justice"

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"I have a confession to make," said Jim Gerritsen, an organic seed farmer from northern Maine, "This is my first time in New York City. I had no good reason to come until today."

Jim Gerritsen was one of several farmers, farm laborers, and food activists that came from across the country to the country to the Farmer's March this past Sunday-a rally and march designed to connect the struggles of rural farmers held captive by the corporate control of big agriculture with the Occupy movement in New York City.

The march began with music and a rally of speakers in La Plaza Cultural, one of New York City's many community gardens, with over 500 rural farmers, urban farmers, food laborers, community activists and former occupiers-some wearing overalls and straw hats, and others wearing "we are the 99%" buttons.

"I am here today to let you know that America is broken," Gerritsen continued, addressing the diverse multitude. "The corporate control of our government and our economy-and the joblessness that it is creating-is directly related to the corporate dominance of big agriculture and the quality of food that you are getting."
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